• Image of CITYCRUSHER Galactic Collider Burnout Tee
  • Image of CITYCRUSHER Galactic Collider Burnout Tee

CTYCRSHR awakens, emerging from a place most hidden. Invisible within our universes, appearing from a direction beyond comprehension.

Dimensions collide - is CTYCRSHR only a gardener with a simple task at mind? The crystalline burning structure of appalling geometry must be tilled into the ground, the soil must be allowed to recover from the sickness. Where is the forest planted only brief eons ago? -—

CTYCRSHR is asleep for a turn of the wheel, but its shadow crosses our world now, appearing to some in the image of a robot cat.

CTYCRSHR is knit of supercivilizations, unto itself an unknown. Each organ/element of the body spanning infinite spacetimes as it unfurls from the spaces between.

50% cotton, 50% polyester.
You can't stop wearing it......

$60 CAD, tax inclusive.
Shipping to Canada = $2
international shipping = $5
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