• Image of Cthulhu cut and sew eco long sleeve3
  • Image of Cthulhu cut and sew eco long sleeve3

Each of them in their cubicle doing compartmentalized mundane tasks chasing dollars, they don’t realize the dark mechanical monster they have brought into existence.

OMG it’s full of CATS!
cats has been ambered (if you’ve seen the “fringe” show) and trapped!!

Outside of our dimensions cats have wings, but Cthulhu has trapped them into our 3 dimensions. oh no!

Cthulhu awakening in corporate form. Many know of Cthulhu from the author H.P. Lovecraft and others. This is my vision inspired by the stories.

66% Bamboo viscose
28% Organic cotton
6% Spandex

Cut and sew in VANCOUVER. You won't find the next man wearing this shirt. Limited edition. Printed with water based ink. Your ultimate ECO option.

This bamboo shirt is soooo soft. Noticeably deluxe.
Extra long in the body and sleeves.

Cold wash, hang dry.